“The Elite Home Series screens are an excellent value, a well thought out solution, and an attractive, motorized alternative that costs less than most companies’ fixed wall screens, and definitely well below the competition’s motorized offerings, well done."

Art - San Clemente, CA

"Very knowledgeable staff, install was preformed by myself not a professional, instructions were complete as was the mounting hardware, install itself was less than 30 min. plugged it in and it worked perfectly."

Ray - Irwindale, CA

"Today I received my order  of the Elite VMAX series electric screen for our organization's conference room. You have no idea how wonderful this screen is to us! We just moved into a new office building that we purchased after four years of fund-raising. We have no debt and were excited about owning this building but we wanted a way to showcase the things that God has done for us! We are going to create a presentation DVD that will be played in the conference room for those visiting our non-profit organization. The VMAX screen is so quiet that one cannot even hear it over light talking in the room! What a treat it will be to show our presentation when it is finished on this wonderful screen. Thank you so much for making a screen like this so affordable!

Michael - Decatur, AL

"I wanted to upgrade to electric, but couldn't make sense of the $1000 dollar screens from the other manufactures. When I came across Elite it was everything I needed at a price that couldn't be beat. I have had it in my house for a couple months now and I love it. Great style, it's quiet, and it's dependable. Absolutely the best for the money. Thanks Elite!"

Dean - Nashville, TN

"I upgraded to the 120 inch version with a white case.  The quality is great. The motor is sooo smooth and the remote works great. The mounting system with the aluminum brackets is Grade A."

Chris - OH

"The Elite Screens HOME series motorized screen is absolutely the best price/performance screen in the market today. The mounting system is well designed, allowing easy and flexible installation. The HOME120IWH screen rolls out flat even without a tensioner. I bought it for my home theater. The high quality screen surface yields crisp images. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Nice job. Thanks."

Norbert - Dracut, MA

"My company just purchased one of your screens, (Elite VMAX Series.) We installed it this morning, with no problems, and so far, we've been very satisfied with your product's performance".

Neil - Durham, NC

"I finally got my Elite R92H set up last night , and I just thought that I would write you and say how pleased I am with the product. It is built very well, and is a very high quailty product. I'm glad I didnt buy the Draper screen. I will definitely recommend your products to my friends. Thanks God Bless"


"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. We were looking for a "moveable" option for a home theater room
(furniture gets moved around a lot in our house), and we came upon your tripod line of screens. We purchased a 120-
inch one, love it, but we discovered we could also go quite a bit larger, as well. We purchased your 150-inch EZ Cinema
pull-up screen and have had fun playing with it (and being in awe) all weekend. We can't get over how simple it is to use
- set-up and tear-down take place literally in seconds. We appreciate the sturdiness of the case, as well - we simply
leave it on the floor for now so it's ready to go again in seconds when we want to use it. Thank you again for your quality
products - you have customers for life in us ! :)"

L.B. - Colorado

“I was asked to represent the sound and audio committee and purchase a projection system for our church. We have
been using the system for about 3 weeks now and enjoy the quality and clarity of the projection screen we received!”

Martha - First Baptist Church of Whitnel
, NC

"Gentlemen, Attached is a picture of my High Contrast Gray 100" diag screen in my small senior housing apartment.
When I first heard of high contrast gray, I thought someone was nuts. I have owned several motion picture theatres and
always used the highest gain sound screens possible. I have been a little disappointed with the contrast of some movies
like "Sound of Music" which I once ran in 70 mm. Using my Optoma HD72 projector, the picture looked washed out. I
decided to give your high contrast gray screen a try and what a difference. I have never been happier. The Elite screen
was easy to assemble and the screen surface in perfectly smooth for a perfect picture. If you ever need a reference from
an ex exhibitor, please use my name. As far as I am concerned, Elite screens are the finest bar none".

Tom - Santa Rosa, MN

“Colors are more vivid, gives my projector more total adjustment range for all types of viewing sources, easy install,
perfectly flat surface, it itself is a beautiful site to behold on the wall of my home theater room,it says watch me!!”

Dan - Ames, IA

"I am very happy with the quality and design of this screen thus far."

Douglas - Tucson, AZ

"This is my second Elite screen (the old one was a 92" Elite manual pull down). I have been impressed by both, I think
your screens are hands down the best available at a given price point."

Barry - Huntsville, AL

"The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080p three-LCD projector combined with Elite's Cinetension Electric 84-inch
motorized screen gave my home theater a major upgrade in '07. As a reviewer, I've had the wonderful opportunity of
testing various different plasma and LCD displays, and even though most of them were quite impressive, there's nothing,
nothing like watching HD shows or sports with a HD projector on a high-quality screen. You could imagine my disappointment
when I had to return it."

Ken - NY