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Welcome to Elite Screen Shop - the best place to find high quality project screens!

We at Elite Screen Shop are dedicated to bringing you the best project screens and for 7 years we have led the market in project screen sales. Our store features a broad array of electric and fixed-frame projection screens with front or rear projection, acoustically transparent, ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D material options.

New products for 2015 include:

1 - The AEON fixed-frame screen

2 - CineGrey 5D Ambient Light Rejecting material

3 - AcousticPro UHD (ultra high definition acoustically transparent material)

4 - Spectrum, Starling and Saker brands of tab-tensioned electric projection screens.

5 - QuickStand 5-Second large event and commercial free-standing projection screen

6 - Tripod Stage Large venue portable projection screen

7 - Yardmaster 2 enhanced feature outdoor projection screen

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